About the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a Native American symbol for the wheel of life, which has no beginning or end. The Medicine Wheel contains the four directions of East, South, West and North, which represent the cycles of growth and change that we undergo during our lives. The four directions are crucial to understanding the wheel’s message.

The East Direction

Yellow is the east and the rising sun –
Bringing us a new day and birth of new ideas.
It is where the daybreak star, the star of knowledge appears.
It is the air and the mental processes that see us through complex situations.
Like the season of spring, east awakens new beginnings and change.

The South Direction

The south is red like the sun at high noon.
A summer sun whose warmth brings forth all that sustains us.
South is what is seen in the brightness of the day – the present.
It is your outer life and a time for balanced development of the physical body.
South welcomes the dancing fires of energy and passion.

The West Direction

White is the color of the west where is sun sets over the water.
West brings forth your emotional self; flowing like life-giving rains.
It is about deep inner thoughts, silence, and healing.
Just as trees release their leaves in the fall – it is a time for letting go.
West awakens personal growth and renewal.

The North Direction

Black is the color of north, night, the darkness of winter, and the void.
North is the magnetic forces of the earth, the unknown, the unformed.
It is a time to understand how all things fit together.
North is about completion and fulfillment.
North is where our spiritual wisdom comes from, if we care to seek it.

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