Career Counseling

The goal of career counseling is to help individuals with career planning, the decision-making process, implementation of career choice, career adjustment, and the interplay between career and personal issues. The career planning process focuses on self-understanding and awareness and may use professional instruments, exploratory questionnaires, inventories, and a variety of other information gathering tools to assess personality traits, interests, and values. Assessment instruments aid in the awareness process and are often a necessary component of the career planning process.

The career planning process follows the following steps:

The focus of career counseling is usually on one or more of the following areas:

There are two fundamental goals of career counseling activities. First, it is to teach a process – for career exploration and decision-making. By teaching this process, the client becomes empowered to continually reassess and reevaluate career goals in relation to changing circumstances. The second goal is to assist the client in clarifying a direction in life, for only then can more specific decisions and exploratory activities become more meaningful.

Finally, career counseling should be conducted by a professionally trained or certified career counselor. The following links will provide you with important information about the competencies, code of ethics, and consumer guidelines critical for selecting a career counselor.

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